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Kolby K. Sumskis


Born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Kolby is a fun-loving and outgoing individual who appreciates all things outdoors and is especially partial to horseback riding. She has been trusted and respected as an estate manager for over 10 years. Her experience in such fields as construction, Banking, landscaping, professional organizing, equestrian care and aviation spans between Jackson Hole, WY and Steamboat Springs, CO. Her clients receive the highest level of service and are always treated first and foremost as valued members of the community, with respect, and with utmost confidentiality.

Kolby brings a wide array of knowledge, experience and know-how to the table. she is here to keep a consistent eye on your estate and your investment and to always be of assistance to you.

Casey J. Bourque


Casey is a Colorado native who moved to Steamboat Springs 5 years ago in order to actively pursue his passion of mountain living and, most importantly, fly-fishing. Casey has a deep love of traveling and exploring the world, and enjoys golfing, cooking, and spending as much time as he can outdoors. He has worked in property management for 2 years and security technologies prior.

His strong work ethic and thoughtful demeanor make him superb at providing the personalized service necessary for managing your estate. 


"I am very Impressed by Kolby's sensible approach in simplifying my surroundings. She is very professional, thorough and efficient, yet sensitive to my emotional attachment. Inventory, Packing, shipping from start to finish. i can always recommend Kolby." 

Sara B.

Estate Organizational project 2 years

'We have been clients of Kolby for nearly two years and have been thourghly pleased with her attention to detail, follow up on projects, punctuality, and overall reliability. in effect she has simplified and resolved the issues that occur with a second home in Steamboat." 

Jim and Karen D. 

Estate Managed 2 years

"the house is always perfect and every detail is handled professionally. we leave  knowing our home, horses, and vehicles are taken care of perfectly. we have had kolby oversee many large projects and we are always impressed when they are Finished. we appreciate all you do."

Nancy and Gary S.

Estate managed 4 years

"I hired the bourque team to help at my ranch. they have gone through and organized every barn (3) and i now work and relax more efficiently.  Thank you casey and Kolby! we appreciate and love you"

Michele B. 

Organizational project

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